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Posted by     29/01/2024 00:00:00  

Skipper's range of antifouling and non-stick coatings offers high protection and resistance to adverse conditions, ideal for propellers, engine bases and flaps. Its composition is free of biocides and poisons, and helps optimize fuel consumption.

The 1C primer can be applied directly to metals previously abraded with sandpaper and degreased with water-soluble detergent, offering optimal support for the adhesion of successive layers. It can be repainted with one-component and two-component products, especially on the propellers. Its use is recommended in combination with the acrylic anti-rust agent Contender, whose paint has a high adhesive power that is enhanced when applied in two layers.


To complement the antofouling treatment, the use of Prop Shark is recommended together, a transparent coating with a powerful non-stick power that prevents the attack of coral incrustations, algae and others.


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