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Posted by     10/11/2023 00:00:00  

At Marine Point we are known for the expert advice we provide in the nautical sector, as well as for our extensive catalog of specialized products. The main objective of our team of professionals is to offer the best guidance and speed in the delivery of the necessary spare parts, thus guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers.

Fulfilling the commitment to offer the best service, we have joined Yacht-Supply24 (https://yacht-supply24.com/info/brands/marinepoint/), a specialized platform that unifies the nautical industries of the Netherlands and Cyprus. With its 10 years of experience in shipbuilding and 7 years supplying yacht spare parts, this company was founded with the aim of bringing the best of European nautical experience and equipment to the rest of the world, providing the highest quality materials and offering 24/7 qualified assistance to resolve any issues related to the operation of yachts and vessels.


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