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We present an installation of four FRIGOMAR chiller system units carried out by one of our best and most good clients, Ronny de Nauthentic:



• Cooling and heating capacity.


BLOC INVERTER, controls the speed of the compressor so that the required capacity is always supplied according to the required conditions.

• ENERGY SAVING (CONSUME AN AVERAGE OF 50% LESS ELECTRICITY). The compressor starts up at low speed (20 Hz) with no current spike and then smoothly ramps up to full frequency (100 Hz) for rapid cooling or heating. As the ambient temperature approaches the demand value, the compressor slows down, maintaining a constant temperature, quietly and saving energy. In terms of energy efficiency, the average reduction in savings is 50% compared to an equivalent traditional air conditioning unit.

• THERE IS NO PEAK CURRENT. The maximum starting current is 2A.

• FAST AND POWERFUL. After starting, the inverter air conditioner works at full power, due to which the set temperature is reached faster.

• SILENT. Thanks to the PMSM motor and the design of the acoustic screens, the operation is very quiet in all working conditions. The double rotary compressor allows to reduce vibrations by 75%.

• ECO MODE. It can be activated from the controller by limiting the maximum frequency of the compressor, thus further reducing energy consumption.

• INCREASE USEFUL LIFE. Thanks to the elimination of start-stop cycles, energy efficiency is greatly increased without sudden fluctuations in water temperature and power supply, thus increasing the life of the unit.

• EASY TO INSTALL. Very compact dimensions with the possibility of installing more units in parallel. The touchscreen can be detached from the unit and located up to 50m (164ft) away via a Belden cable.

• Perfect for yachts and mega yachts.

• Equipment up to 180,000 BTU/h.



Additional installation of a MASTER CONTROL:

Frigomar makes available to its customers the possibility of installing a display that will give us very simple and functional information on the installed equipment.

In this way we can see information from the interconnected chillers:


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