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Seeking to offer the greatest comfort on board and also a lower ecological impact, at Marine Point we have a wide range of solar panels so that our clients can purchase the model that best suits their needs.



This type of panel is the best known in the current market, and the one that provides a greater power transformation capacity. Our three most outstanding models are the following:

GALIX. It is the smallest model and this is precisely its strong point, since it allows easy installation in small spaces. These are high-efficiency back-contact monocrystalline panels.

ALPEX. Ideal panels for autonomous 12V or 24V installations that do not require maintenance. With their ionized aluminum frame, they resist extreme temperatures and environments and guarantee high performance (90% and 25 years at 80%).

SPECTRA PERC-S. Designed for charging batteries in off-grid power applications, they are powered by Shingle small stacked cell technology that places electrical connectivity to the rear of the panel, leaving the entire front of the cell exposed to light. Among its characteristics we can highlight that it has resistive losses, resistance to shade and resistance to high wind loads without being damaged.

Paneles rígidos



The greatest advantage of semi-rigid panels is their flexibility and lightness, which allows them to be installed in different types of structures.

SUNPOWER. Constructed on a copper base that makes them resistant to cracking and corrosion when flexed, their design is tested to withstand high exposure to extreme temperatures and UV rays, as well as use in marine saltwater. The high levels of efficiency and recharging of this model increase its energy conversion capacity, working with excellent performance even when there is little sunlight.

SPECTRALITE-S. This model offers a very competitive price/performance ratio. The corner anchors offer the possibility of permanent or temporary installation and have a flex tolerance of 34%. They perfectly support the marine environment and can even be stepped on without causing damage.

Paneles semi rígidos



The essential accessory in a solar energy system to ensure that the flow of energy that circulates between the equipment is correct. There are currently several models available with variable characteristics:

SPECTRA. It has temperature compensation that automatically adjusts the maximum charging point, as well as an LCD screen that provides information on the operation of the system and two USB charging points for small devices.

STECA PR. Also with a screen to display different useful parameters, this model works in PWM as a low-loss serial controller and has a protection diode for reverse polarity, as well as automatic recognition of 12V or 24V.

SOLSUM. Its reading interface works through LED indicators. Like the previous model, it works in PWM as a low-loss series controller and has a protection diode for reverse polarity, as well as automatic recognition of 12V or 24V.

SOLAR MORNINGSTAR. It has a remote monitor that displays system information and a PWM charge controller allows charging of two batteries.

STECA SOLARIX. Allows connection to large battery bank panels and ensures high effectiveness for panels up to 250W in 12V systems. It has a charge controller with MPP monitoring and a temperature compensation system, as well as a charging system with monthly maintenance, to avoid inconveniences during prolonged absences.

Steca Steca


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