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Marine Point has become your point of sale in Mallorca of MASE GENERATORS. Do you have a pleasure boat? If so, regardless of the size of your boat, you will need all the energy to supply it with electricity.

Although the marine generator is not mandatory, it gives us greater freedom and is very useful in different circumstances ensuring greater autonomy as it is a different energy source for battery saving and consuming less fuel than the main engines.

All of us who enjoy the sea, have the responsibility to take care of it. One way to do this is the use of energy generated by the best technology such as electric propulsion engines and hybrid systems with the use of lithium batteries. Sustainability is one of MASE's commitments.

In addition, these marine generators are characterized by their compact size, also a low level of loudness. 

Designed and cemented to withstand high humidity conditions and corrosion of the adverse marine environment. Also, most marine generators do not need a built-in cooling system, but are usually cooled by a hydraulic system that circulates water collected from the ocean constantly through the generator.

Electric generators are usually installed on the line with power generators; in this way it is not necessary to have separate fuel tanks.


Designed to improve efficiency in both the recreational and commercial craft and workboat sectors. Its peculiarities are the cooling system and the structure of the anti-vibration supports. 


In the IS range, the unit is supported by 8 anti-vibration mounts. Double system, the first that reduces the level of vibrations coming from the motor/alternator unit to the frame and the second that absorbs the residual micro vibrations that originate between the generator frame and the boat. 

The cooling is a closed cycle inside the housing by means of a water/air exchanger, this allows to reduce vibrations and noise, guaranteeing ZERO power reduction up to a seawater temperature of 31 degrees.

There is no air exchange with the engine room, so the groups do not require particular volumes for installation. 


These machines are distinguished by their innovation and technology:

ENGINE REVOLUTIONS. They vary according to the required load between 2100 and 3150 rpm. This means that if you have few connected electrical applications, the generator will automatically calibrate to the required power, while ensuring exceptional voltage and frequency stability.

INVESTOR. Inside the housing the motor and the particularly compact permanent magnet alternator (PMG), the inverter is also installed. The latter prevents the external circulation of high voltage cables, as is often the case.

ELECTRIC: ideal for powering hybrid and/or electric propulsion systems.

PARALLEL COUPLING. It is possible to perform the parallel coupling of 2 groups of the same model, with functions that offer maximum energy savings and allow high loads. Connecting the inverters of the two generators by means of a simple cable doubles the power and the generators are synchronized automatically, in addition to being able to alternate in the master and slave functions. This function is not available for the dual voltage series.

REFRIGERATION. They are cooled by closed circuits with water/seawater exchanger, and internal air/seawater exchanger, which allow working at optimal temperatures and easy installation in the engine room. They do not require particular volumes and are completely autonomous and independent of factors such as temperatures in the engine room and volumes related to cooling.

VIBRATION. They have a double anti-vibration system, the first reduces the level of vibrations from the motor/alternator unit to the frame. The second absorbs the residual micro vibrations that originate between the generator frame and the boat.


Ideal for use in pleasure of commercial boat at all levels. It stands out for its cooling system and for the structure of the anti-vibration supports. This allows you to take advantage of a high-quality product that will improve the performance of your vessel. The unit rests on four anti-vibration mounts, while the alternator and internal housing are cooled by a heat exchange with the engine room.


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