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One of the accessories that cannot be missing to ensure comfort in a boat is a gyroscope that reduces the movement of the boat and provides the necessary stability inside.


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At Marine Point we partner with established brands in the nautical market to offer the highest quality to our customers. We have a wide variety of Glendinning products, among which we want to highlight its controls and control joystick, and its comfortable hose storage systems.


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Seamaster's QS bow thrusters, with their innovative design and powerful technology, offer the strength and stability needed to maneuver comfortably even at very low speeds. They are the perfect element to improve the driving experience of the boat and ensure a good performance of it at a general level.


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SEARES hydraulic shock absorbers are synonymous with comfort, stability and safety. Made with the best quality materials, their use guarantees a great improvement in the quality of life on board, respecting marine ecology and the environment.


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The most innovative and fun accessory to enjoy the sea, with 80 minutes of autonomy and different speed levels that ensure maximum freedom of movement underwater.
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